Hey Kids…Don’t Be Afraid of the Dentist!

Hey Kids…Don’t Be Afraid of the Dentist!

Let’s face it. You can probably think of hundreds – nay, thousands – of other activities you would rather do than visit your dentist. We get it! Regular dental visits can be quite intimidating for adults, let alone children, so the team at O’Connor Dental Care wanted to share three tips on how to ease your child’s fear of the dentist.

1) Communicate.

Honesty is the best policy so let your child know about their upcoming visits, but don’t go into detail. Keep your answers short and simple. Let your dentist answer your child’s more complex questions. They are trained to discuss what’s going to happen in a nonthreatening way that kids understand.

2) Choose Your Words Carefully.

Now that your child knows they’ll be going to the dentist, avoid words like “hurt”, “pain” or “shots”. You could unknowingly cause your child to become anxious that something bad is about to happen, so be mindful of what you say to them.

3) Don’t Overshare.

The last thing your child needs to hear is the details from your last visit…especially if it was an unpleasant one. Try to focus on the importance of regular dentist visits to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Remember the dentist’s job is to help them, not hurt them!

Keep in mind that it’s normal for children to be a little afraid of their visit. Some don’t like to be away from their parents, and others are afraid of the unknown. The entire team at O’Connor Dental Care will treat your child with care and compassion at every visit.

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