5 Dental Procedures to Repair Your Cracked or Broken Tooth

5 Dental Procedures to Repair Your Cracked or Broken Tooth

Have you ever experienced a cracked or broken tooth? Whenever you’re dealing with these common dental issues, it’s important to see a dentist right away. If you don’t, you could be dealing with more costly and painful dental complications in the future.

Luckily, there are several ways to repair a cracked or broken tooth.

Let’s take a look at 5 dental procedures used to fix this common dental problem:

Fillings or Bonding

If your tooth only needs a small repair, the dentist will typically use a filling. On the other hand, if a chipped or broken tooth is seen when you smile, a dentist will usually provide a service called bonding.

Bonding is a quick and painless dental procedure that doesn’t require any numbing of the teeth. To begin the bonding process, a dentist first etches the surface of the tooth with a gel or liquid. This is done to roughen the surface in order for the bonding material to stick. The dentist will then add an adhesive to the tooth before applying a tooth-colored resin.

Once applied, the specialist will shape the bonding material to resemble a natural tooth. Lastly, the dentist hardens the material with an ultraviolet light.

Fillings and bonding procedures are extremely common around the world. These services are painless, effective, and are performed very quickly. If you’re dealing with a cracked or broken tooth, you deserve to work with a trusted and well-qualified dentistry.

If you’re experiencing this dental complication, it’s important to act quickly. Here at O’Connor Dental Care, we’re happy to provide unbeatable dental services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to repair your cracked or broken tooth.


Veneers are frequently used to fix cracked or broken teeth, especially in the front of your mouth. This procedure can result in having teeth that look white and healthy. Made out of tooth-colored porcelain or resin composite, a dental veneer involves a thin material that’s applied over the front of a tooth. To fill in the cracked or broken section of the tooth, the porcelain or resin is thicker in these areas.

To start the process, a dentist first removes a very thin layer of enamel from the tooth’s front surface. The dentist then makes an impression of the tooth, then sends it to a lab to design and produce the veneer. After about a week or two, the veneer should be ready to go.

To add the veneer to your tooth, the dentist etches the tooth’s surface with a special liquid. The professional then adds dental cement to the veneer before applying it to the affected tooth. Once in place, the dentist utilizes a special lighting device that activates chemicals in the dental cement, quickly hardening the material.

If you’re searching for veneers in Ft. Thomas, KY, or the surrounding area, look no further than O’Connor Dental Care. Our veneer procedures are quick, effective, and stress-free.

Crown or Cap

When a large piece of a tooth is broken or there’s substantial decay, a crown or cap may be used to cover the tooth to offer protection. The procedure begins with grinding away part of the affected tooth, then covering it with a crown or tooth-shaped cap. This is to protect the tooth from any further complications, and it also boosts its appearance.

When it comes to crown material, there are many options. Most dentists provide permanent crowns made out of metal, porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic, or all resin. As these materials have different advantages, talk to your dentist about the best option for your needs. However, if you want the most durable material, all-metal crowns are your best bet. However, if you want the closest resemblance to a natural tooth, porcelain or resin crowns are fantastic options.

O’Connor Dental Care is happy to provide a high-quality crown to repair your cracked or broken tooth. This is one of our most popular procedures, so we can ensure a smooth and worry-free dental visit.

Root Canal Therapy

All of our teeth consist of enamel that covers pulp. This is the center of a tooth where you can find nerves and blood vessels. If a tooth has a large break or crack, this pulp can be exposed, which can easily lead to an infection in this area. If you have a tooth that’s extra sensitive or painful, you could be dealing with pulp that’s diseased or damaged.

If this infected pulp isn’t removed via root canal treatment, the tooth can become infected, which could result in a tooth extraction. Root canal treatment involves eliminating the dead pulp of a tooth, cleaning the root canal, then sealing the area closed.

While many dentists handle root canal treatments, they’re also performed by specialists called endodontists. If you’re searching for a reliable dentist to take care of this essential dental procedure, contact O’Connor Dental Care today!

Dental Implant

When a tooth is severely broken or has a substantial crack, a dental implant may be the best approach. This involves extracting the remaining tooth, placing a dental device in the root, then covering the tooth with a crown that resembles a natural tooth. In fact, these crowns don’t only look like a real tooth—they act like one too. Over time, the dental implant will fuse to your jawbone, leading to a strong and long-lasting hold.

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