Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

As we head into the first full month of fall the team at O’Connor Dental Care is raising awareness on the importance of good oral health and maintaining a healthy smile. Ready to fall into a good dental regime? Here are four things to guarantee your smile stays healthy now and going forward.

1) Brush Your Teeth 2x a Day

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes, with a soft-bristled brush. Remember that your mouth is unique so be sure to use a toothbrush that is the right size and shape for you. Doing so will allow you to easily reach all areas and increase the effectiveness of your brushing. Also, don’t forget to brush your tongue! 

2) Floss Regularly

No, not the dance from your kids’ favorite online game, but using dental floss regularly. Flossing removes food particles from areas between your teeth that your toothbrush might miss. In addition to removing those pesky popcorn kernels, flossing also removes bacteria that can cause bad breath.

3) Rinse Your Mouth with Mouthwash

Teeth only make up a little less than half of your mouth, therefore, it’s important to rinse after brushing and flossing to reach the other areas. Mouthwash helps kill bacteria that brushing and flossing might have missed. Adding a quality, alcohol-free mouthwash to your daily routine will help fight off tooth decay and improve your overall oral health.

4) Chew Gum After Meals

We understand you’re busy and may not always have your toothbrush, floss, and rinse with you during the day. That’s why it’s important for you to carry some sugarless gum to help prevent tooth decay following meals. Clinical studies have shown chewing gum (preferably sugarless) for 20 minutes increases the production of saliva; this aids in washing away food particles and neutralizes acids that can wreak havoc on your tooth enamel.

From the team at O’Connor Dental Care, have a happy and healthy National Dental Hygiene Month! If your smile is feeling a little less than perfect, we welcome you to contact us to schedule an appointment. Remember your dental benefits expire at the end of the year, and that’s nothing to smile about. Call 859-441-0033 or click the ‘Request an Appointment’ button at the top of your screen.


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