3 Tips to Give Your Teeth a Proper Spring Cleaning

3 Tips to Give Your Teeth a Proper Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here – the time of year when we open the windows and start the cleaning projects we’ve been staring at all winter long! As you go around dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning up the winter grime, the team at O’Connor Dental Care has a few tips to ensure your smile is in tip-top shape!

1. Time for a New Toothbrush

How long have you been using your current toothbrush? Be honest? 😉 For most of us, it’s been 2-3 months, and some diehard fans are still using their favorite toothbrush since their last dental visit six months ago. Stop! Those worn out brushes aren’t doing the same job they did when they were new, and if you’ve been ill or have had a cold in this timeframe, it’s time to throw it out and get a new one. For our friends using electronic toothbrushes, 3 to 4 months is the recommended replacement time for brush heads.

2. Clean Your Night Guard/Retainers

We all know that cleaning our night guards and retainers should be part of our daily routines, but sometimes we just don’t remember to take the time to clean them properly. We recommend soaking your night guard or retainer in a solution of white vinegar and water: one part vinegar, two parts water. In addition to cleaning your device, remember to clean the case your store them in as well. You can soak your cases after washing out debris to kill bacteria that have been hanging out all winter.

3. Schedule Your Dental Cleaning

Okay, it’s time to put your thinking cap on to answer the following question – when was your last dental cleaning visit? We recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned at least every six months to ensure your oral health is at its best. Regular visits allow our team to take care of the plaque that brushing and flossing just can’t reach. Those visits also allow us to identify issues early on before they become bigger and more costly problems.

As the weather warms up and you are out and about taking care of all the spring projects you’ve been waiting to tackle, be sure to add a visit to our office to your list.


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