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Tooth decay, accidents, and other dental related injuries can take away the smile you once had. Our restorative dentistry services can restore your smile to the way it once was or how you always dreamed it could be. We offer a wide range of restorative services to achieve the best oral health for our patients of all ages.

TOOTH COLORED FILLINGS: Tooth colored fillings allow us to create a natural-looking blend between the filling material and tooth structure. Whether we are fixing minor chips, cracks, and cavities or replacing an old silver filling, these fillings will create a complete, natural look to your smile.

DENTAL CROWNS AND BRIDGES: If the damage to a portion of the tooth is beyond repair, a dental crown can help restore the tooth’s proper shape and function. Our all porcelain dental crowns look and feel just like natural teeth. They also offer a more permanent treatment option to replace any teeth that are missing, broken, or have undergone root canals.

DENTAL ONLAYS: When the damage to the tooth is not extensive enough to merit an entire crown , onlays can provide a very good alternative. More of the tooth structure is preserved, while fabricating a porcelain top to cover the compromised tooth structure.

ROOT CANALS: Root canals preserve the affected tooth by removing damaged nerves, and thoroughly cleaning and sealing each canal within the tooth.

DENTURES & PARTIALS: For people who have lost some or all their teeth, partials and dentures can be life changing. These services offer a natural looking solution crafted and custom-fitted to recreate your beautiful smile while being comfortable to wear. These can be used with implants to give the dentures a secure, comfortable fit in your mouth and restore your ability to speak and eat what you love.


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